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Super Rocket Phonics is a fast-pace space shooter mixed with a progressive Infinite Runner. The goal is to get the biggest highscore by staying alive for as long as possible.

Collect coins, destroy and avoid obstacles, while preventing enemies from breaching into your base. Stretch the limits of your focus!

Key features

  • Space shooter meets Infinite runner - Break  the highscore!
  • Fast-pace combat and movement
  • Obstacles
  • Pickups and powerups
  • Score multiplier based on speed
  • Wall of Fame - A display of each version's highscore champion (based on screenshot proof)

Gameplay features


  • Traveling at max speed increases the score multiplier to x2
  • Traveling at lightspeed increases the score multiplier to x3


  • Get points for collecting coins
  • Get points for destroying asteroids
  • Get points over time. Stay alive as long as possible!

     Obstacles & Pickups

  • Breaking an asteroid has a chance to drop pickups such as health pack and lightspeed boost.

     Lightspeed State

  • Immunity to all damage
  • Movement speed cranked at lightspeed
  • x3 multiplier to all score gains
  • More coins and asteroids appear!


  • Score multiplier multiplies all score gains.
  • You lose health and a portion of your speed by getting hit. Avoid taking damage as much as you can.
  • Health packs heals your spaceship. Crucial to stay alive!
  • Enemies not being a threat in lightspeed, temporarily score as many points as possible by collecting coins and destroying asteroids.


  • Move : A/D or Left arrow/Right arrow
  • Shoot : Left-click


Bonzexp - Producer of the 2 music pieces for the game


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SuperRocketPhonics 0.2 - Windows 149 MB
SuperRocketPhonics 0.2 - Mac 196 MB

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