A downloadable corewind for Windows

Our suggestion for Brackeys Game Jam 2020.2 (1 week)

Theme: "Rewind"

CoRewind is a game where you play in the shoes of a hero on a mission to restore the once lively futuristic era of his from a virus, with an advanced and crucial technology: time travelling.
Hmm.. who said rewind only worked backwards?

Key features:

  • Action Third-person adventure
  • Different maps & gameplay
  • Rewind mechanic to pass levels
  • An End boss


  • Move : WASD
  • Put a rewind mark : E
  • Rewind on the mark : R
  • Time travel near a breach : F
  • Shoot : Left-click

My results for this game jam

My goal for this game jam was to get a small but fullproject done while giving a first experience of a game jam to my friend Manu. I've applied as much knowledge as I knew in a limited period of 7 days, and it helped me see my current limit and stage of knowledge.

Overall the game jam went smoother than I expected and I'm pretty happy with the final result! :)

Shout out to my team members with whom I've worked in this game jam!

for Audio design
 Created every sound in the game except for music
-HadiLePanda (me)
Programming & Design
Worked on code & design of the game
-Pata2 for Modelling
Made all models in the game
 Irl friend, new to Unity, learned & helped with ideas


Corewind.zip 76 MB

Install instructions

1) Download .zip

2) Extract the .zip file

3) Launch the executable (.exe) & Have fun!


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good game!

end boss little bit too hard ; )


I liked it :3 !  
Me the noob didn't get the coronaboss :')  but the teleportation system is niiceee+Funny sound effects 

Hahaha thanks for playing <3

nice hair!, camera was lovely, game mechanics are interesting, aliitle bit hard to get for me but when you get it you love it, would be nice to know what you are aiming at couse feels like you loose control, anyway i liked it a lot

Thanks for playing! :) Will try to make the aiming more stable & instinctive in the future, your feedback is appreciated!

Nice graphics and camera movement; i just didn't get a lot this combat system but it may be only me

Thanks for playing, I will try to improve the combat & make it more interesting and engaging in the future, we didn't have enough time to polish it :p

I really liked the marking of a spot and rewinding back to it ;)

Thanks for playing, I'm glad the mechanic was pleasant to use! ^^


Thank you for playing! Glad you enjoy it

The game looks very interesting and has a variety of environments. I long to try it

Cool game ! Concept is nice, camera little higher could be cool but control are nice and sound and graphics too ! Great job !

Thank you for your feedback, appreciate you trying the game :)