Our suggestion for Community Game Jam 2019 (1 week)


This game is about escaping a mysterious place with a dark feel that you appeared in as a ninja panda. What is this place and how did you get to be here? Is what's happening real or illusory? Find out by confronting various traps setup to prevent you from escaping!
By the way... why is that narrator lying?


  • Move : Q,D  | Left arrow, Right arrow
  • Jump: Space

Shoutout to my team members with whom I've worked in this game jam!

for Audio design
Created every sound in the game
for Character model & Animations:
Created Ninja panda and his animations
for Assets designing &  partly on code
Created all map assets & helped with standalone system
-HadiLePanda (me)
Programming & Design
 I've worked on everything code-related and designed maps for their most part

My results for this game jam

My goal for this game jam was to improve my coding skills of general systems, learn teamwork and publish a finished game by the end of the week.
I managed to learn a lot about standalone systems which I used to link everything happening in the game (such as event triggers and checkpoint), especially thanks to Daigan.
I learned a lot about using gitgub to work on the same project as part of a team.
In terms of the game, we managed to publish a playable version till the end, but with the exception of some bugs or mechanics that we didn't have time to implement due to bad time management.

Overall I'm really happy about how this game jam turned out and I learnt a lot from it! :)


PandaSpirit Windows 1.11.zip 193 MB
PandaSpirit 1.11 Dropbox link
PandaSpirit_Windows_CGJ_Version.zip 57 MB

Install instructions

Download the ZIP file, unzip it and launch the executable.

Or  Download files from dropbox and launch the executable.

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